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Oral Sprays – Medicinal Intake with Many Benefits

Vitamins and minerals are some of the most critical elements our bodies need to function. There are 20 essential vitamins, only ten of which our body makes naturally. So it's us to take the remaining ten vitamins in the form of food and supplements. 

Considering how vital vitamins are for the body, we've widely been given only one solution for taking them — tablets or capsules. But have you ever wondered what people who cannot consume vitamins orally do? For those people, and everyone really, oral sprays are an efficient, safe and significantly beneficial over other forms of medicine intake. 

Let's take a closer look.

Why use oral sprays?

Consuming tablets is a whole task for some people. They have to pour a glass of water, sit down because it can be anxiety-peaking for some and then carefully intake that tablet after numerous gags.

Imagine this particular scenario every single day. Now, instead imagine a spray — a simple tube of medication with a nozzle. Placed in front of your mouth, and with a few sprays, you are done. Convenient, right?

An effective and convenient form of medicinal intake
Not only are sprays a more pleasant way to take our daily vitamins, they also offer some unique benefits. 
  1. Different absorption route

When thinking of consuming vitamins or any medication through oral sprays, you'd probably assume a similar route for all. What is this route? Well, it travels through your mouth, goes into your digestive system and then is taken up by the body. Well, this is precisely where you are wrong. 

The absorption route is one of the significant differences separating oral sprays. The liquid  gets absorbed in a different place and takes a different route – through the mouth's soft tissues.

This means the mucosal membranes within your oral cavity expedite the vitamin intake in your body. However, the question stands: is it worth it?

  1. Faster potency

The faster absorption route will ensure that your medicinal intake has a higher potency. This means that a quicker route will help the drug reach its desired levels quickly, ultimately impacting a better response.

Oral sprays take about four minutes to assimilate and show results, while capsules and medicines take around 20-30 minutes. So, this intake is far more convenient and has a faster potency and quicker outcome, too.

  1. Reduced gut absorption

Reduced gut absorption is far more common than you'd like to believe. This particular condition can happen because of many gut diseases or be a secondary result of many other diseases. The down side is that people with a lower gut absorption rate aren't even aware of the condition; hence, when they consume a tablet or capsule, it doesn't get absorbed fully.

Gut absorption is majorly dependent on age as well. As you age, your body changes and many people can lose their gut absorption capabilities. Considering such cases, oral spray medication can be a great alternative.

  1. Higher absorption rate 

The liquid sprays will provide medicinal properties in the form of extracts. When these extracts enter your body, they will quickly be absorbed and won't need to be broken down like many capsules.

So, not only will your body fully absorb all the medicinal properties present in the liquid extract, it will consume at least 98 percent of the liquid extract itself. 

This liquid absorption in the capsule is only 35 percent. So, oral sprays are a better option when both are compared.

  1. Delicious taste

Many people consume capsules because, unlike other forms of medicine, it doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth. If the aftertaste or bitterness is what you are worried about before consuming oral sprays, let us assure you.

This particular form of medicine (or at least most of them) does not have a bitter or unpleasant taste. Most oral intake medicines are infused with fruity flavors to make them delicious and easier to consume.

  1. Medicines on the go

Capsule bottles aren't the friendliest piece to carry when traveling. They are big, will take up space, and will rattle around in your bag. 

Nutritional sprays offer convenience. The spray tube will easily fit in your purse, pocket or briefcase and can be used anytime. There's no risk of a tablet getting stuck in your throat and no need to look for a glass of water to help swallow any pills.


Vitamins are essential and something everyone should consume. However, many either forget it because of their busy schedules or aren't open to the idea or capable of gulping tablets every day.

We believe you can see a clear winner with the benefits of oral sprays and their comparison with capsuled vitamins. So, if you are someone who plans on switching to oral sprays but is hesitant, we hope you feel one step closer to making the decision.

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