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Actual vitamin size

What is the actual daily dose size of vitamin D3?

Imagine a mountain of 1000 vitamin pills, towering over your kitchen table. Now, picture what you need is so small you can not see with a naked eye.  And all what is needed for you is condensed into a single, sleek bottle of Nutrioz Oral Spray Vitamin D3. Not only does this tiny bottle save you from the hassle of swallowing a pill every day for nearly three years, but it also costs less than half as much as these pills combined. It's not just a health choice; it's a financial and lifestyle revolution.

Yes 1000 IU or 25 mcg it is 0.0000025 of the 1 gram and yes it's hard to see without microscope  because it is so small. 

So how big is the Nutrioz oral spray droplet?

How many pills are equivalent to Nutrioz Oral Spray Vitamin D3?

Roughly 1000 of them are needed...

So, it would cost at least $83.33, which is twice as expensive as the $40 Nutrioz Oral Spray Vitamin D3

Be smart use the best. 


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